Gretsch New Centre Block Guitars

Gretsch have recently launched a new range of guitars which all have the great Gretsch sound but with what they claim is a new sonic advantage.  But what is this advantage that Gretsch are getting so excited about.  The Gretsch new centre block guitars feature a solid spruce centre block design.  That is they have introduced a solid block of spruce which runs along the centre of the body with the traditional hollow part of the body sandwiched around this centre block.  This type of design is common in guitars made by Rickenbacker and contribute to their unique sound.

The Gretsch new centre block guitars include the G6137TCB Panther Centre Block, G6139CB Falcon Centre Block single cutaway and the G6139T CBDC Falcon Centre Block double cutaway models.  The guitars all feature classic Gretsch pick-ups but have a new slim-line body measuring 1 3/4″ which is unusually thin for Gretsch.

  • Gretsch G6139T CBDC Falcon double cutaway
    Gretsch G6139T CBDC Falcon double cutaway

Gretsch claim that these new models are a cut above the rest due to the new spruce centre block and they say that the presence of this centre block conveys two main sonic advantages.

The first advantage is that the mass and position of the centre block makes the new models high gain friendly but without losing the benefits of the traditional Gretsch hollow body sound.

The second is that the centre block allows a greater control of feedback and a reduction of the “howl associated with hollow body guitars.

The question is why have Gretsch chosen Spruce for the centre block? The answer is relatively straight forward, as a guitar wood, spruce imparts a lively tone, and it’s relatively light weight. In fact, the combination of the solid spruce centre block and the thin-line body style results in a Gretsch guitar light in weight and eminently comfortable to play.

To find out more about these great guitars check out the Gretsch website.  We hope to bring a more in-depth review shortly.

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