Great Black Friday Guitar Deals – 2016

Great Black Friday guitar deals

Black Friday has its detractors but it certainly is an opportunity to grab yourself a great Black Friday guitar deal!

Now that John Lewis has released its long awaited 2016 Festive television advertisement you know that Christmas is well and truly on the way. But there is one, relatively new, pre-Christmas tradition that has taken over our lives and has become as much a part of Christmas as tacky TV ads and mince pies and that is the Black Friday sales.  Black Friday is that time of year when the shopping population goes mad in an attempt to snag the best deals, but the question we always ask ourselves – is there really any good Black Friday guitar deals?

Black Friday is a phenomenon that we have imported from the US. Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving, which also, rather luckily, coincides with many peoples pay day and sees retailers do some crazy things with their prices.  As with many trends that start in the US it isn’t long before we import them into the UK and that is true for Black Friday.  Many retailers have embraced Black Friday and have pushed the event heavily for the last few years.  Not even the occasional in-store riot seems to dampen our desire to chase the best deals on the products that we want.  However, retailers are now extending the Black Friday period from just one day to often include the week of Black Friday and over the weekend into Cyber Monday.  For example the Amazon Black Friday sale has already started and continues until the 25th November.  But are there really any good Black Friday guitar deals in 2016?

It is not always clear whether there are any really good Black Friday guitar deals. Online retailers such as Amazon and Gear 4 Music are, quite frankly, very competitive with their prices on big name guitars.  But that is not to say you can’t find them, you just have to be eagle eyed and persevere.  For example at the moment in the Amazon Black Friday sale they are selling the rather good Schecter C-1 SGR for just £159.99 which is a massive saving on the rrp of £249.  You can read our recent review of the Schecter C-1 SGR.  This is a very good deal for what is a great guitar so is well worth snapping up at this price.  During the week Amazon will be releasing more deals so it is always worth checking back to their Black Friday sale page.

Don’t forget it is not only Black Friday guitar deals to be had.  You can find cheap equipment and also special offers on guitar tuition.  For example Jam Play have already started their Black Friday sale offering 50% off the first month of guitar lessons with the added bonus of of 2 free jamtrack packs.  Click on the link below for further details of this great offer.

Learn to Play Guitar Online

There are some great Black Friday guitar deals to be had but you need to be vigilant to find the best ones.  So to help you we have listed our top tips for surviving Black Friday!

  1. Be prepared. Do your research and don’t get dragged into purchasing something you hadn’t intended.  Guitars are generally big ticket items so should take a bit of consideration before purchasing.  If you know what you want and have a price in mind Black Friday can present a great opportunity.
  2. Always compare prices. Price comparison websites are not so great when it comes to checking prices of guitars.  So if you know what you want to buy check the price both online and in-store to see where you can get the best price.
  3. If you have the discipline and the determination check the websites of major retailers on a daily basis. Sites like Amazon and Gear 4 Music will post daily deals and often you will find the item you are looking for at a fantastic price, but only for that day.
  4. Have a budget and stick to it! It is all too easy to get carried away and buy more than you had intended.
  5. Check the returns policy. If you are buying on-line or even on the High Street check to make sure that there are no issues with returning the goods you purchase if you are not entirely happy.  This is important if you are buying as a Christmas gift.  If you are offered a 28 day return window and you purchase on Black Friday you may well find that you can’t return the item as the 28 days would run out before Christmas Day.
  6. Check where your guitar will be shipping from and the likely delivery date, especially if you are buying as a Christmas gift. We have been told of some horror stories where people have ordered a guitar online only to find out that it will be shipped from the US and will arrive after Christmas.
  7. Finally don’t panic, there is more to life than Black Friday!  If you don’t find what you want don’t fret there are always the Boxing Day sales, January sale, Spring sales…

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