Getting Started on the Electric Guitar

getting started on electric guitar

Getting started on the electric guitar can be a daunting task. (Image courtesy of worradmu /

Let’s face it when you decide you want to take up a new hobby getting started can be a rather onerous task.  Where do you start, what do you need to get and how much money do you need to spend to get started.  This is certainly the case when taking up the guitar.  The simple truth is that getting started on the electric guitar can be rather daunting.  The sheer choice of guitars and gear can be overwhelming, especially if you are not sure what you are looking for.  Therefore to help you make a better choice we have drawn together all our key articles which we hope will be of help to you if you are getting started on the electric guitar.

Choosing a guitar can be difficult, whether it is a budget starter guitar or a complete guitar starter pack the choices open to you are immense and can be quite daunting.  Below you will find a number of articles to help you choose the right guitar for you.

Top tips for choosing your first guitar

I need help buying a guitar

Should I buy a second-hand guitar

Buying a guitar online

Encore Guitar Starter Pack

Guitar starter packs are a great place to start for an inexpensive entrance to a life long hobby.

If you are looking at a budget guitar, considering a guitar starter pack or simply wondering which is a good option for getting started on the electric guitar then the articles below maybe of use.

Are guitar starter packs any good?

Great guitar starter packs for under £150

Best guitar starter packs for under £250

Top beginner guitars for under £200

What about the guitar gear that you will need or is useful if you are getting started on the electric guitar.  The articles in this group cover some essential guitar gear as well as some nice stuff that although not essential can really add to your enjoyment of playing the guitar.

Electronic Guitar tuners

Portable practice amps that won’t break the bank

Guitar string essentials

Quick guide to guitar effects pedals

What is a capo? How to choose and use

Great guitar finger trainers

Finally once you have got the guitar and gear learning how to play your new instrument is crucial so that you maintain the enthusiasm for your new found hobby.  Learning to play the guitar can be tricky and time consuming but the articles below may help to smooth your way to rock super-stardom.

Learn the guitar in 2014

Learning how to play guitar is not easy

Playing guitar chords – the basics

My top tips for learning to play the guitar

Learn to play guitar with Jam Play

Learn to play guitar with Rocksmith

Learn to play the guitar – the options

Chord theory for beginners

Understanding chord diagrams

How to tune your guitar

So that is it our top articles packed full of tips that should help to make things easier if you are getting started on the electric guitar.

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