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Learn to play guitar with Jam PlayGood news if you like the idea of the concept of try before you buy because now you can get Jam Play for free!

Jam Play the leading provider of online guitar lessons based in the US has recently changed the sign-up process allowing, for the first time, a try before you buy account.  The idea is that you get limited access to the site and its content so that you can essentially get jam play for free.  That way you can try out what Jam Play has to offer before you commit to paying for the full service.

For those of you who don’t know Jam Play is a great site providing a huge amount of tuition content for guitarists and bassists.  Founded in 2006 Jam Play has rapidly become one of the leading internet based guitar tuition companies.  With over 4500 guitar lessons shot in full HD and 71 guitar teachers Jam Play covers all musical styles and genres from Jazz, funk and blues to rock and metal.  If you are a complete novice or just want to improve your skills then Jam Play could become an essential learning tool.

Lessons cover everything from the basics of holding and tuning the guitar through to scales, chords and improvisation.  If you want to learn songs then this is covered too, often demonstrated by the guitarists who wrote the tunes.  For example you can learn Rebel Yell with Steve Stevens learning why he threw certain licks into the solo to spice up the overall sound.  This is the sort of thing that helps to refine your skills and make you into a better guitarist.

Is Jam Play any good.

Multiple camera angles captures all the fretboard action.

The great thing about Jam Play is that you can learn at your own pace.  If there is something you don’t understand then just rewind the lesson and start again.  Want a bit more time to practice a chord or lick then pause the lesson and re-start it when you have got it perfect.  This for me is the real value of learning on line!

Not willing to sit back on their laurels the guys at Jam Play are constantly adding new material to their lesson library and improving the overall service.  There is a live forum area where you can trade ideas with fellow guitarists and you can also ask questions of the guitar tutors.  Jam Play can be accessed on traditional desktop and laptop computers but in this age of mobile communications you want to know that you can access Jam Play through your phone or tablet.  Jam Play is available on all major devices, iPad and iPhone, android phones and most major tablets including Kindle Fire.

The paid for service gives you full access to all the content and will set you back just $19.95 a month (currently under £13 in UK sterling).  However, pay for a full year and this price drops to just $11.66 per month (£7.35).  This represents excellent value for money when you consider the cost of a guitar teacher.

Still not sure whether Jam Play is for you.  Well now thanks to the guys at Jam Play you can now get Jam Play for free and try it out before you commit to buying it.

To get Jam Play for free click on the link below to visit the Jam Play site.

Learn to Play Guitar Online

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