Fret King Black Label Corona GWR Guitar

I have to admit to being new to Fret King guitars but when I saw the Fret King Black Label GWR guitar I knew I had to test drive it and have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised.

Fret King is the brainchild of Trev Wilkinson who was well known for producing quality guitar and bass hardware such as vibrato units.  It was therefore just a matter of time before he moved into guitar making.  He has adopted the same philosophy for producing his guitars as he did for his Wilkinson hardware business.  That philosophy is that change should never be for change sake, only ever to make things better.  The idea behind Fret King guitars is that they are built on a vintage guitar theme but with modern design tweaks which make them better than the originals.  Certainly it would seem that he has succeeded in creating that feel for his guitars as they have gained ringing endorsements from the professional guitar playing fraternity.

The Fret King Black Label Corona GWR guitar has been designed in collaboration with Gregg White the blues rock guitarist who has played with famous names such as Michael Jackson and Mick Fleetwood.  Gregg White is a left handed guitarist who plays a right handed guitar upside down.  When talking with long time friend Trev Wilkinson about designing a guitar he suggested that he would love to re-create his long lost guitar that he played when on tour with Michael Jackson in the 1980s.  The thing that Gregg White remembered most about the “lost guitar” was the feel of the neck with its classic 80s shallow profile and 17″ radius fingerboard.  Fortunately for Gregg White, Trev Wilkinson had an example of the neck in his collection and they used this as the template to create the perfect neck profile for the Fret King Black Label Corona GWR guitar.

So what else does the Fret King Black Label Corona GWR guitar have to offer?

The body of the guitar is made from American Alder and the 80s classic profile neck is made from maple with a maple fingerboard.  The thing I also like about the design of this guitar is the high access heel design which makes it easier to access the upper frets.  This combined with the shallow neck profile and flat 17″ radius fingerboard make this a great neck to play.

The Fret King Black Label Corona GWR guitar comes armed with two WHS Wilkinson single coil pick-ups and a bridge mounted Wilkinson WP90.  The WP90 is interesting as it is stacked and routed through the Fret King vari-coil control to give an authentic bridge single coil sound.  The pick-ups are accessed through a five way selector switch and there is a volume and tone control as well as the Fret King Vari-coil control.  The effect is to create a great sounding guitar which has a rich tone which can be really stretched.  From clean ringing tones to heavy distortion this guitar really does hit the spot.

Finally the The Fret King Black Label Corona GWR comes equipped with a stylish black Wilkinson WVC vibrato bridge, with stagger drilled steel block and E-Z Lok staggered post height tuners, providing great tuning stability.

The Fret King Black Label Corona GWR is a great looking guitar, built with real quality and passion by someone steeped in guitar tradition.  If you are looking for a great feeling and sounding blues rock axe then this is for you.

 Fret King Black Label Corona GWR guitar
Fret King Black Label Corona GWR Electric Guitar
Body3 Piece American Alder
BridgeWilkinson WVC Vibrato
Frets22 medium jumbo frets
Scale length648 mm / 25.5"
Bridge pickupWilkinson WP90
Middle pickupWilkinson WHS single coil
Neck pickupWilkinson WHS single coil
Pickup switching5 way selector switch
Controls1 master volume and 1 tone and Wilkinson Vari-coil
HardwareCosmo Black
TunersWilkinson WJ07 E-Z Lok
Recommended retail price£699
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