Top Guitar of the Week – Framus Panthera II Studio Supreme

Framus Panthera II Studio Supreme

The Framus Panthera II Studio Supreme combines both amazing looks with jaw dropping performance!!

Every now and then you see a guitar that just makes you stop and stare.  For me that happened when I first clapped eyes on the Framus Panthera II Studio Supreme.  With its beautifully contoured flamed maple top in a transparent black high gloss finish it is a truly impressive looking guitar.  However, before we consider the Framus Panthera II Studio Supreme in more detail it is worth explaining…

Who are Framus?

Framus is a German based stringed instrument manufacturer.  First founded in 1946 they sadly went bankrupt in 1975.  However, the name was revived by famed Bass guitar manufacturer Warwick in 1995.  Since then the company has embarked on a mission to create guitars which are sweet to the eye and combine this beautiful aesthetic with truly impressive functionality.

In terms of their electric guitars Framus offer three ranges which cater for most tastes and budgets.  At the top of the pile is the Custom Shop Masterbuilt range.  These guitars are hand-built in Germany by a specialist team of  Framus luthiers.

The Pro Series Team Built range is the next level down.  Again these guitars are built in Germany but by Framus technicians under the supervision of their top master luthiers.

Finally there is the D-Series Standard range of guitars.  Once again these are high quality guitars but they have been built in China.  In essence they are designed to be an affordable high quality Framus guitar.

As you can see there is something for everyone.

Now back to the Framus Panthera II Studio Supreme.

What can you expect from the Framus Panthera II Studio Supreme?

The Panthera II Studio Supreme is from the Custom Shop Masterbuilt range and represents the pinnacle of Framus guitar design.  From the wood selection to the hardware this is a guitar that simply shouts quality.

The body has a single cutaway and is made from mahogany with a truly stunning flamed maple top.  The top is beautifully contoured creating a dynamic wave like look to the guitar.  The aesthetic of the guitar is in a different class and is one of the reasons why it is our guitar of the week.

The mahogany neck has a 25.5″ (648 mm) scale length and is topped off with a 22 fret tiger stripe ebony fretboard.  The fingerboard radius is a Les Paul like 12″ (305 mm) making this a comfortable neck for both rhythm and lead guitar.

In terms of hardware the Framus Panthera II Studio Supreme is fitted with Graph Tech locking machine heads and a Graph Tech low friction nut.  The locking machine heads and low friction nut is combined with a TonePros Tune-o-matic bridge.  This combination is guaranteed to deliver rock steady tuning.

What about the Pickups?

Well the high specification continues when you look at the pickups.  The Framus Panthera II Studio Supreme is fitted with the classic combination of H-S-H.  To understand more about different pickup combinations you can check out our article on what is the best pickup combination.  When we talk about H-S-H we mean that there are humbuckers in the bridge and neck position and a single coil pickup in the middle position.

The pickups are all original Seymour Duncan pickups.  There is an APH-1N Alnico II Pro humbucker in the neck position and a SH-5 Custom humbucker in the bridge position .  Finally there is an APS-1 RW/RP Alnico Pro II staggered single coil in the middle position.  All in all with this pickup combination you can be reassured that it is going to give you a lot of options in terms of sound and tonal output.

Why is the Framus Panthera II Studio Supreme our guitar of the week?

When we choose our guitar of the week we are really looking for something that will really capture our imagination.  It has to be a guitar that really delivers something exceptional in terms of both design and functionality.  The Framus Panthera II Studio Supreme does this and so much more.  As I said at the start of this article it is rare for a guitar to make me just stop and stare.  It is even rarer that a guitar can do that and then deliver a superior playing experience.  For me the Framus Panthera II Studio Supreme is that guitar.

To find out more about Framus and this amazing guitar you can check out their website.


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