Flashback Friday – Love Rears its Ugly Head by Living Colour

love rears its ugly head

With its funk inspired guitar riff Love Rears Its Ugly Head is a classic Flashback Friday from Living Colour.

Well it is Friday again and so time for Flashback Friday. For this week I have chosen a classic rock song which draws heavily on R&B and Funk.  The song for our Flashback Friday is Love Rears its Ugly Head by Living Colour.

I was reminded of the song by an article we published last week on the release, by ESP, of a Vernon Reid signature guitar. You can read all about the guitar by following this link.

Living Colour was formed in New York in 1984 by guitarist Vernon Reid. The band, at that time, was dubbed Vernon Reid’s Living Colour and had a changing line-up.  However, in 1986 the band formed the stable line-up of Vernon Reid (Guitar), Corey Glover (Vocals), Muzz Skillings (Bass) and Will Calhoun (Drums).

Living Colour rapidly gained fame because of their unique style which fused elements of heavy metal, Jazz, R&B, funk, country and alternative rock. The important thing is that they fused these diverse elements together brilliantly to create the Living Colour sound.

Their break-through came with the release of their debut album in 1988. They scored a number of singles successes but they are perhaps best remembered for the single Cult of Personality, the second single released from the Vivid album.  Cult of Personality reached number 13 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart but more noticeably won the Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance in 1990.

But for me Love Rears its Ugly Head is a great song and perhaps my favourite by Living Colour. Released in 1990 it featured on the band’s second album Time’s Up.  Love Rears its Ugly Head has a chilled out funk inspired guitar riff and can be considered quite a departure from the bands normal frenetic paced music.

The single was not as successful as other singles released by Living Colour. It failed to reach the Billboard Hot 100 chart but reached number 8 on the Modern Rock Charts.

But for me Love Rears its Ugly Head is a classic and so is my choice for Flashback Friday for this week.


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