Enter the Fender Parallel Universe

Fender Parallel Universe

The Strat/Tele hybrid is the first of a limited edition series of guitars to be released throughout 2018.

If you are one of the worlds most iconic guitar brands it can be difficult to innovate.  For Fender it is even more difficult as any new guitar you create will be judged against some of the most iconic guitars in music – The Strat, Tele, Jazzmaster or Jaguar!  To get round this issue, rather then create a totally new guitar, Fender have instead chosen to mash-up their greatest instruments to create the Fender Parallel Universe of guitars.  The Fender Parallel Universe is a limited edition series of guitars due to be released throughout 2018.

With the Fender Parallel Universe we are told to expect the unexpected.  Well yes perhaps, but it is really not too much of a stretch to imagine what a Telecaster/Stratocaster hybrid is going to look like?  However, Fender are getting pretty excited by this new custom series:

“The Parallel Universe celebrates the modular nature of Fender guitars, splicing together DNA from various Fender models to create off-the-wall hybrids,” said Fender Senior Vice President of Products Justin Norvell.

Nice sound-bite but what are the guitars like?

There are 9 guitars in the range and each fuses a unique aspect of different Fender guitars.  So you have a Telecaster body spliced with a Stratocaster neck and pickup configuration.  Or switch it around and create a strat with a tele neck and pickup configuration.  Our particular favourite though is The Meteora which is a mix of the Jazzmaster body and Telecaster pickup combination.  It looks beautiful and we are sure will sound pretty good too.

Each of the 9 limited edition guitars will be released throughout 2018.  The first guitar, the hybrid Strat/Telecaster is set to be released this month.

This new Strat/Tele hybrid features professional touches like three Custom Shop ’69 Aged Strat pickups, Stratocaster controls (single volume, two tone controls and a five-way switch), a Strat synchronized tremolo bridge, a lacquer finish and comfortable contours.

To see the guitar in action check out the video below.

To find out more about the Fender Parallel Universe series of guitars check go to the Fender website.

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