Fender Mustang Micro – The play anywhere micro amp

If you are looking for a micro amp which comes packed with features and effects and sounds pretty damn amazing then the Fender Mustang Micro is hard to beat.

I have to admit there are times when I am a little bit lazy.  At the end of a long day I sometimes just want to get the guitar out and play.  I don’t want to have to pull out the amp, unravel the cable and plug in.  The usual kids telling me to turn the racket down because they can’t hear the Playstation I could do without.  I just want to be left in peace to play.  That is when a small portable, plug in micro amp comes in very useful.  That is why, for me, the Fender Mustang Micro is truly one of the best on the market.

What can you expect from the Fender Mustang Micro?

Fender Mustang MicroWell as the name suggests it is small.  It fits neatly in your hand and weighs under 200g.  It is a truly compact unit!  In terms of looks, well the amp the usual moody Fender black and the build quality is, as you would expect from Fender, top notch.

The first thing you notice is the rotating input jack.  This for me is a really neat feature.  It allows you free movement to plug it in and settle it in the position that works for you.  It also means that you don’t have to be a contortionist to change the settings.

The Fender Mustang Micro is Bluetooth enabled so that you can connect to a computer, tablet or smart phone.  This allows you to jam along with any backing tracks or training videos that you may have installed on another device.

Unfortunately you can’t use wireless headphones with the Mustang Micro.  It is a small flaw, that may put some off, but I think that with all the powerful features you get this is only a minor issue.

For such a small package it comes packed with really powerful features.

The Mustang is packed full of great features.  It has 12 pre-loaded amp models and 12 effects including compression, modulation, reverb, overdrive and delay.

How do these stack up?

Fender Mustang MicroWell the amp models are all what you would find on the Mustang Micros bigger brother.  I have a Fender Mustang amp so I am very familiar with the amp models and they are pretty good.  Everything from Vox to Marshall to more modern amp models the Mustang really covers the bases.  You can lose hours just workng through the various options!

As for the effects, well what more can be said?  They are great, you get an awesome selection and so, for the money, the Mustang Micro is pretty hard to beat.

Using the Fender Mustang Micro couldn’t be simpler.  From plugging in and turning on you can select your sound through the buttons on the side.  You can dial in the amp model, choice of effect, even adjust your tone, the choices are endless.  Thankfully the LED lights on the side give you some direction and there is a handy credit card cheat sheet giving you the various options and combinations that you can access.  So if you just want to plug in, select an amp and effect setting and play you can do this quite simply.  But if you like to experiment then you can literally spend hours just playing around with the different amp and effect settings and combinations.  Believe me when I say that I have spent hours just playing with the tone combinations!

All in all for the price and the size the Fender Mustang Micro is an amazing little guitar amp and well worth the £89.99/$99.99 price tag.

To find out more visit the Fender website or shop now on Amazon.

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