Fender CD 60 – A Great Starter Acoustic?

Fender C 60

The Fender C 60 looks the business but what is it like to play?

We all know that Fender make some of the best and most desirable electric guitars in the world.  But they also make some brilliant acoustic guitars as well and with the Fender CD 60 their aim is to produce a top quality beginners acoustic guitar.  The question I have, is the Fender CD 60 any good?

I don’t know about you but generally when I think of acoustic guitars Fender doesn’t even enter into my thoughts.  However, I was playing a few acoustics in my local guitar shop recently and I found out, to my eternal shame, that actually Fender make some very good acoustic guitars and that includes the Fender CD 60.  Aimed at the beginner guitar market the CD 60 is a budget acoustic with a whole lot to offer.

So what can you expect from the Fender CD 60?

The first thing to say is that the Fender CD 60 is not your bargain basement acoustic guitar.  It has an rrp of £130 but you can pick it up for around £100 from a decent guitar shop such as Gear 4 Music.  This means that the Fender CD 60 is not the cheapest beginner acoustic guitar that you can buy.  If you want some alternatives we wrote a review of some good budget acoustic guitars which you can read here.  However, don’t be put off, if you want a beginner acoustic guitar that you will probably continue to play for as long as you play the guitar then it is worth paying a little bit extra for the Fender CD 60.

The Fender CD 60 comes in a number of finish options, the all mahogany version is a really beautiful guitar but costs a little bit extra.  The version of the CD 60 that I played is the natural finish with a spruce top and mahogany laminated back and sides.  The 20 fret neck is made from nato and is topped with a sonokelling fingerboard.  Overall the attention to detail was good for a budget guitar, I can safely say that the CD 60 is a very handsome acoustic.

Picking the guitar up it fits nicely into the body and is comfortable to play.  The 20 fret neck is great and plays really smoothly but the access to the upper frets is restricted due to the shape of the body.  Generally this is not a problem for me.  But if you like to play on the upper frets you might want to look at an acoustic that has a Venetian cutaway.  The Venetian cutaway provides a deep scoop in the guitar body where the neck and body join.  This guitar body feature  allows unimpeded access to the upper frets.  Well back to the Fender CD60!

We have already established that the Fender CD 60 looks good and plays well but how does it sound?  Well for the price the sound is really good.  The Fender CD 60 has a nice warm tone which resonates nicely producing an acoustic sound that is amazing for a guitar aimed at the budget end of the market.

In answer to my initial question of whether or not the Fender CD 60 is any good I think I can say that it is a very good acoustic guitar considering the price.  There are cheaper acoustic guitars that you can choose to buy but I am not sure that they would have the longevity of the Fender CD 60.  Therefore if you are willing to pay a little bit more I think that with the Fender CD 60 you will get a great starter acoustic guitar that you will enjoy playing so much you will continue to use it for as long as you love to play the guitar.  Not bad for around £100!  The Fender C 60 Natural finish will currently set you back £100 through Gear 4 Music.

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