Father and Son Create 4 String Barnacaster

4 string Barnacaster

If you like the rough and ready look of your guitars then you will love the 4 string Barnacaster created by the Father and Son team of Tim and Alex Trimble.

Check out the monster that is the 4 String Barnacaster!

Regular readers will know that we like the idea of guitars made from recycled wood. From skateboard guitars to guitars made from old buildings we have written about guitar luthiers making instruments from reclaimed wood on a few occasions.  The reason we like the idea of recycled wood is the sustainable nature of it as a raw material for making guitars.  We think that with the current global pressure on exotic woods any initiative from guitar makers to make our beloved instruments more sustainable should be applauded.  We were therefore really interested to hear about a father and son team who have crafted, from old reclaimed barn wood, a pretty amazing sounding 4 string guitar which they have dubbed the Barnacaster!

The brains behind the Barnacaster are Tim and Alex Trimble who operate the Rooster Run Workshop in Newark, Delaware. The pair have gained a reputation for crafting Cigar Box Guitars but wanted to try their hand at something a little different.

Some of us would be daunted by the idea of crafting a guitar but not the Trimbles. Accomplished deltagrass blues guitarists they had a vision of creating a rustic axe that would suit their style of playing.  So armed with an idea they sourced a piece of barn wood and started work.

It is clear to see that the inspiration for the guitar is the Stratocaster but that is where the similarity ends. With a rough cut barn wood body and a maple 4 string neck this beast isn’t going to win any beauty prizes! But, don’t doubt that the Trimbles have created something pretty amazing.  The 4 string Barnacaster sure does produce some pretty killer tones as the video below demonstrates.

If you like your guitar raw then this is going to be just what you like.  We can only hope that the Trimbles are going to commercialise the 4 string Barnacaster sometime soon.

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