Deusenberg Guitars – Amazing Art Deco Extravagance

Deusenberg Guitars

The Deusenberg Starplayer TV – The flagship guitar!

If there is a period of history that represents design extravagance it could perhaps be the Art Deco period which started before the First World War and ended at the onset of the Second World War.  Thankfully, for those of us who like guitars with a bit of design flair, at Deusenberg Guitars the Art Deco period never ended!  If you are looking for a guitar that oozes all the sophistication of the Art Deco period then Deusenberg Guitars should be your first port of call.

Deusenberg Guitars – A name forged in luxury cars.

Deusenberg Guitars, based in Hanover, Germany, was founded in 1986 by Dieter Golsdorf.  The Deusenberg name was originally a famous German automobile company founded in the 1920s.  The company designed and built cars that were respected for their out-standing performance and luxury, an ethos which is maintained in the guitars that bear their name.

Originally designing futuristic looking guitars for the heavy metal fraternity Golsdorf changed tack in 1995 when he began developing a new guitar called the Starplayer.  Based on a hollow body design but with a heavy nod to the art deco period the guitar gradually gained cult status and sales started to grow.  The Starplayer was the predecessor of the company’s now core instrument the Starplayer TV and, we have to say that it really is quite a guitar!

What Defines Deusenberg Guitars?

Detail, detail, detail!!!  The attention to detail that goes into every Deusenberg Guitar is quite staggering.  There is nothing that has not been designed to deliver the ultimate guitar playing experience and aesthetic appeal.

Spruce is the traditional choice of wood for the tops of semi-hollow constructed instruments – this also is reflected in Duesenberg instruments. The back, bent sides and neck on these models usually are made of Maple which in the case of sides and back is flamed and bookmatched.  The woodwork is done primarily in South Korea with finishing work and set-up done in Germany.

Most models feature a neck made of American Hardrock Maple.  Exceptions are the D-Caster, Dragster, 49er and 52, which are equipped with a Mahogany neck. These guitars also feature a Mahogany body.

The fretboards are made of Indian Rosewood with dot-inlays for orientation, except for the Artist-, 440-, Classic- and Imperial Series as well as the signature models Starplayer TV Chris Whitley and C.C. John Platania, which have custom fretboard inlays.  Each guitar features a 25.6″ scale, a fretboard radius of 12″ and a Dual-Action-Trussrod.  All guitars are equipped with Jumbo Frets and factory-fitted .10-.50 strings.

Below you can see a selection of some classic Deusenberg guitars.

Deusenberg guitarsDeusenberg GuitarsDeusenberg guitarsDeusenberg guitarsDeusenberg Guitars

The hardware is all Deusenberg designed.  The tremolo has constantly been re-designed to deliver the optimum tuning stability.  The tuners, known as Z-tuners, have a drilled-through shaft which allows for fast string change by putting the string all the way through the tuner and cutting it off at the end to prevent sharp ends sticking out at the back of the headstock.

The pickups, as with everything else, are designed and built by Deusenberg Guitars.  Currently, Deusenberg produces five different types of pickups for the neck or bridge positions.  The Grand Vintage, the Crunchbucker and the D-Tron generally cover the area of humbucking pickups. The Grand Vintage is Duesenberg’s interpretation of a classic PAF Style pickup and is used in most instruments in the bridge position.  The Little Toaster is a humbucking pickup with a lower output reminiscent more of a single coil than a humbucker and is featured on special instruments such as the TV Rebound.  The Domino is a P90 style pickup with the dimensions of a standard humbucker.  It is used in the neck position on most Deusenberg guitars.

Check out the promotional video below for the Starplayer TV, this is truly guitar porn and well worth a watch!!!

To find out more about Deusenberg Guitars check out their website.

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