Daisy Rock Guitars – Just for Girls?

Daisy Rock Guitars Candy Classic

Designed for girls but just too good to be ignored by boys?

I must admit that I have never thought of the guitar as a male only domain.  The guitar is an instrument that looks cool no matter who is playing it whether they be male or female.  But Daisy Rock Guitars have the stated aim of placing comfortable great looking and sounding guitars into the hands of women around the world.  But are Daisy Rock Guitars any good?

Founded in 2000 by Tish Ciravolo Daisy Rock Guitars is a girl guitar company based in the US.  Tish Ciravolo credits her daughter with providing the inspiration for Daisy Rock Guitars.  Whilst colouring, her oldest daughter Nicole drew a daisy to which Tish added a guitar neck and headstock.  Whilst the creative muse was upon her Tish developed the concept further before taking it to her husband Michael Ciravolo who just happened to be the president of Schecter Guitar Research.  The resulting first model, the Daisy Guitar, debuted in November 2000 at the Seattle Rock Girl Conference.  Courtney Love, who was attending the conference, saw the guitar and liked it so much she gave it her stamp of approval by autographing it.  With such a good early start growth for Daisy Rock Guitars sky rocketed with sales of over $400,000 within two years of launching.

So if you are a girl and want to take up the guitar should you buy a Daisy Rock Guitars instrument?  More importantly are these guitars just so good they should not be restricted to just the girls?

The Daisy Rock Candy Classic is the bedrock instrument upon which the company was built but what does the guitar have to offer?

It is not difficult to see where the Candy Classic gets its inspiration from.  Firmly in the Les Paul camp the guitar is made from sycamore and has a great contoured feel to it making it light and comfortable to hold.  The Daisy Rock Guitars trademark “Slim and Narrow” neck is made from maple with a rosewood fretboard.  The main design aspect of the guitar is that the neck is specifically built to be slim so that it is easier to play if you have small hands, which I guess is why they can claim to be guitars designed for girls!

The electrics are Duncan designed humbuckers in both the neck and bridge positions.  Throw in a three way selector switch and tone and volume controls and you have a basic rock guitar.

Plugged in the Daisy Rock Candy Classic really demonstrates its rock pedigree.  The Duncan designed pick-ups have a great sound and can handle just about anything you care to throw at them.  Either clean sound or screaming distortion the sound is great from the Daisy Rock Candy Classic making it an extremely versatile guitar.

Lets face it Daisy Rock Guitars have sold a lot of guitars around the world so they are obviously doing something right.  With the Daisy Rock Candy Classic you can see that they have got a great guitar at an excellent price.  So if you are a girl this is a great guitar and well worth considering.  The only thing is that, as I have small hands, it is almost like the guitar was designed for me but I am in the 50% of the population this guitar was not designed for, which is a shame.  I think that Daisy Rock Guitars are too good to be restricted to just women.  So if like me you have small hands give one a try, you might just love them as much as I did.

Find the best price for the Daisy Rock Candy Classic

Daisy Rock Guitars Candy Classic

Designed for girls but just too good to be ignored by boys?

Daisy Rock Candy Classic
BodySycamore Les Paul style body
BridgeTune-o-matic with stop bar.
Frets22 medium frets
Weight6 lbs. 8 oz.
Scale length24.75"
Bridge pickupDuncan designed Humbucker
Neck pickupDuncan designed Humbucker
Pickup switching3 way toggle switch
Controls1 volume and 1 tone control
If you love this guitarFind the best price for the Daisy Rock Candy Classic

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