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Have you ever seen the epic Crossroads guitar duel?  If you haven’t then you really have missed out on a cracking film.  But don’t worry we have an excellent giveaway for you today.  Keep reading to find out more.

What is Crossroads?

There have been a number of film and TV projects that have borne the Crossroads name.  However, for me there is only one Crossroads.  Don’t mistake it for the unforgettable British TV soap set in a Birmingham Motel.  And you should definitely not muddle it up with the truly forgettable Britney Spears movie.

Crossroads is a 1986 film inspired by the legend of blues guitarist Robert Johnson’s lost song.  The film stars Ralph “The Karate Kid” Macchio, Joe Seneca and Jamie Gertz.  It also features an original score by Ry Cooder.

The Plot

The plot of the film focuses on Eugene Martone (Ralph Macchio) who studies classical guitar at The Juilliard School for Performing Arts in New York.

Eugene, who is a bit of a mean axe man, loves the blues.  Although his major is classical guitar he is often caught interspersing blues licks into classical guitar pieces.  This obviously does not go down too well with the teaching staff at Juilliard.  Eugene’s fascination with blue’s myths and legends leads him to the legend about Robert Johnson selling his soul to the Devil at the Crossroads.  Martone becomes fascinated by the idea of finding and recording the “lost song” that Johnson wrote but never recorded.

In his search to find the song he discovers that one of Johnson’s friends, Willie “Blind Dog Fulton Smoke House” Brown, is alive and well.  The only problem is that he is incarcerated in a minimum security geriatric hospital.  Martone blags a job at the Hospital and slowly befriends Fulton.

Fulton, ever the hobo blues man, seeing an opportunity offers to teach Martone the lost song in return for breaking him out of the hospital.  Martone agrees to Brown’s plan and so begins a road trip which sees the two make their way down to Mississippi where Brown has some unfinished business to resolve.  The unfinished business is with the Devil who owns Brown’s soul.

The epic Crossroads guitar duel.

The film culminates with Martone taking on the Devil’s guitarist in the memorable and epic Crossroads guitar duel.  In the film the Devil’s guitarist is played by Steve Vai.

The duel is a shred-off for which the film has become justifiably famous.  Now, I have to say at this point that I think Vai was robbed.  There is no way on this earth that the Karate Kid can beat Steve Vai on guitar.  I also think that I am not the only one who feels that our Steve was robbed.

However, you will have to decide for yourself.

Who was better Vai or Macchio?

Was Steve Vai robbed or do you think the Karate Kid was the justified victor?  Should history have been different?  Cast your vote in our poll below –

If you have never seen the full film it is well worth a watch.  You can find it on Amazon by clicking on the link below:

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But before you head over to Amazon we have a great giveaway for you.  We have a DVD of Crossroads ready to send out to one of you.  All you need to do is vote in our poll and subscribe to the Top Guitars weekly shred letter.  It contains all the news and reviews of the latest guitars and gear delivered direct to your inbox.

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