Check out the Matchstick ’54 Stratocaster – It is made from Matchsticks!

Matchstick '54 Stratocaster

The Matchstick ’54 Stratocaster is a guitar nearly 20 years in the creation and made of over 40,000 matchsticks!

Is it possible to make a guitar out of matchsticks?  Well, strange though it may seem Fraser Guitars have created the Matchstick ’54 Stratocaster and we have to say the result is amazing.

A couple of weeks back we posted about the Vintage Elite Series of Guitars from Fraser Guitars. We were blown away by the look of the guitars and couldn’t wait to see them when they were finished.  Whilst finding out about Fraser Guitars we saw on their website a Fender Stratocaster guitar that they have made entirely out of matchsticks!  Yes you read that right they have made a 1954 Fender Stratocaster tribute guitar entirely from matchsticks – The Matchstick ’54 Stratocaster.

Fraser Guitars was founded a couple of years ago by Dean Fraser and since their formation have gained a reputation for making some truly amazing looking guitars.

However, it is the matchstick guitar that really sets them apart from the rest – at least in terms of the perseverance and attention to detail that is required to take the humble matchstick and turn it into a beautiful and functional guitar.

The whole Matchstick ’54 Stratocaster project began way back in 1998 when Dean Fraser was serving as a soldier in the British Army. He decided to collect unwanted matchsticks that were part of a soldiers rations pack and use them to make a guitar.

From this early idea the project understandably took a back seat due to Fraser’s career as a frontline infantryman. However, in 2014, after Fraser was medically discharged from active service, the matchstick guitar idea was resurrected and, with a little more time on his hands, the matchstick guitar started to take shape.

It is estimated that the Matchstick ’54 Stratocaster is constructed from 40,000 matches although Fraser admits to having lost count after a few months’ work on the guitar. Held together with cascamite, a powdered wood glue which I have fond memories of through tinkering with boats, the guitar is, despite peoples doubts, entirely constructed from matchsticks.  From the body to the neck and even the pickup covers the guitar is entirely made from matchsticks.  The look of the guitar is quite unique with a very intricate almost Art Deco look to the design highlighting the skill of Fraser as a guitar craftsman.

To sum up, for me the key thing that I am looking for from a guitar maker is high quality workmanship and attention to detail. To have made a fully functional guitar from matchsticks illustrates that Dean Fraser has these qualities in abundance – Oh yes and he must have the patience of a saint!

To find out more about the Matchstick ’54 Stratocaster visit the Fraser Guitars site.




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