Can the Devil’s Guitarist be beaten twice?

Devils Guitarist

What happens when the former Devil’s Guitarist takes on Brazilian street guitarist Patrick Souza?

You may remember a little film called Crossroads.  No not the rather dire Britney Spears foray into film but the classic guitar epic where Ralph “Karate Kid” Macchio tries to release his Blues mentor Willie “Mr Miyagi” Brown from the clutches of the Devil.  To break the pact the Karate Kid has to take on the Devil’s guitarist, Jack Butler, in an axe duel to the death.  Well, ok it wasn’t to the death but you know what we mean.  As you would expect old “wax on” Macchio kicks Jack Butlers butt and the Devil releases Mr Miyagi.

Sadly, as Jack Butler lost, he is cast out into a harsh world where he has to fend for himself without the Horned one to protect him.  Down on his luck he changed his name to Steve Vai and had to accept a gig as guitarist with Whitesnake!  Fortunately for Vai nee Butler Whitesnake wasn’t the career killer it could have been and he went on to release a large number of successful solo albums.

Now you think he would have learned his lesson but it seems that the former Devil’s guitarist can not resist guitar duels.  So what do you think happens when Steve Vai decides to take on another young pretender?  Step up Brazilian street guitarist Patrick Souza who is no Karate Kid but is pretty handy on the guitar.  Souza leaves Vai a little speechless with his guitar playing prowess and shows that yes the Devil’s guitarist can be beaten twice.

Thankfully the former Devil’s Guitarist takes it all very well and doesn’t need to call on his ex boss to wreck havoc on Souza.  All we can say is that both Vai and Souza could knock the Karate Kid into next week with their guitar playing.

We hope that you enjoy the contest…

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