Boss RC-1 Loop Station – The entry level loop pedal

If you have read our article on loop pedals then you will know that they are a powerful tool.  However, there are a lot of loop pedals out there so which one do you go for?  If you are new to loop pedals and want to give them a go then the Boss RC-1 loop station may be the pedal for you.

What does the Boss RC-1 loop station have to offer?

If you are looking for a basic no nonsense loop pedal then the RC-1 is a great place to start.  It is the entry level Boss loop pedal.  But don’t be fooled you get a lot of functionality for your money!

As you would expect from a Boss pedal the build quality is first class.  The pedal is solidly built, which is re-assuring if like me you are a bit heavy footed!  i also like the fact that the actual pedal part is large.  I prefer a big target to aim for and so I am not a big fan of the tiny button switch pedals.  With Boss pedals you get the reassuringly large pedal that you can stomp on.  This might be a small feature but it can be important when you are live on stage!

There are two inputs and two outputs.  This is ideal if you want to connect and synchronise two instruments.  You can even mic yourself and create your own human beat as you play along on your guitar.

The Pedal in action

The controls of the Boss RC-1 loop station are exceedingly simple.  There is just a level control and the LED loop indicator – that’s it.  But that simplicity underpins a huge amount of functionality.

The LED indicator is a great tool.  You have 24 LED segments that circulate clockwise.  They are red when you are recording.  Green/red when you are overdubbing and green when you are on playback.

  • Stamp on the pedal once and the red lights start to cycle showing that you are recording.
  • Hit the pedal again and the green lights show that you are on playback.
  • Stamp on it again and the pedal cycles through the green/red lights showing that you are overdubbing.
  • Hit the pedal again and the lights are green and you are on playback.
  • Finally stamp on the pedal twice and it stops.

It really is that simple!

Can you record and store loops?

The Boss RC-1 can store a maximum of 12 minutes of stereo sound which is more than a lot of pedals at a similar price point.  However, one drawback is that it is only capable of storing one loop.  If you want more, then the RC-1 is going to disappoint.

To see how easy it is to use check out the video below –

To sum up I think that the Boss RC-1 loop station is a great start point if you want to get into looping.  It is solidly built and the LED indicator is a really innovative feature.






  • Well built
  • Simple to use
  • 12 minutes of stereo recording
  • LED indicator is a genius addition






  • Limited memory capability – can only record and save one loop

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