Innovative Bnd/One guitar stand

Bnd/One guitar stand

The Bnd/One guitar stand is an elegant but versatile guitar stand.

The humble guitar stand is an often forgotten piece of essential guitar equipment.  Believe me if you want to avoid guitar breaking disasters whilst your instrument is out of its hard case then the best place for it is on a guitar stand.  However, lets face it, the guitar stand has not been a hot bed of innovative industrial design.  But that is all set to change with the Bnd/One guitar stand.

The rather oddly named Bnd/One guitar stand is described as the worlds most portable guitar stand.  Thanks to its unique flexible design it is claimed that it will easily fit into your guitar case.  The makers, Bnd Products, claim that it is the most portable, positionable and versatile guitar stand ever created.

The unique industrial coil hidden in the Bnd/One guitar stand means that it is flexible enough to fit into hard or soft guitar cases or even folded up in the back of a guitar amp.  Furthermore the Bnd/One guitar stand is bendy and versatile enough to fit any guitar that you should choose to use it for.  Whether it is an electric, acoustic, bass or even ukulele the Bnd/One guitar stand will support them all.  There are also no worries involved when it comes to putting it together.  There are no fiddly screws, just two quick-connect joints that ensure your stand is set-up and ready for action in seconds.  In essence this is a guitar stand which is simple and elegant in its design but eminently functional.

The Bnd/One guitar stand is not currently on sale as the company behind it are looking for funding to bring the product to market.  But if you are interested in buying one Bnd Products are aiming for a December 2014 launch date which is ideal if you are looking for a great guitar related Christmas present for the one you love.  However, you can put in an early bird offer and get the Bnd/One guitar stand for 20% off the list price which means that you can pick up this great looking guitar stand for an amazing $50 (£30).  The company are committed to a number of good causes and a proportion of the profits from sales of the Bnd/One guitar stand will go to the music charities that they support.

If you are interested in the Bnd/One guitar stand but would like to go further than just owning one then you can invest in the idea.  Bnd Products are currently looking for funding support through the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter giving you the opportunity to back the idea with your own money.

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