The Best Budget 7 String Guitars

If you are looking for a 7 string guitar but are unsure whether it is the thing for you then you won’t want to spend too much money.  That is why we have put together this list of some of the best budget 7 string guitars that you can currently buy.

Seven string guitars are not a new thing.  They have been around for a long time with historical records making reference to 7 string guitars as far back as the 18th century.  The first electric 7 string guitar version is believed to have been built for the jazz guitarist George Van Eps by Epiphone in the 1930s.  However, the modern seven string electric is perhaps best associated with the likes of Steve Vai who toured with Whitesnake using an Ibanez 7 string prototype and later recorded a number of tunes on his 1990 album Passion and Warfare. The 7 string electric then went onto to be heavily associated with the nu-metal sound where the seventh string extended the tonal range of the guitar giving a low register suited to the heavy riffing associated with this style of music.

But 7 string guitars have more to offer than just an extended lower range for heavy metal riffing.  If you are keen to give the 7 string a go then you might not want to pay out a lot of money to experiment with a sound that you may not enjoy.  Therefore your best option is to look for a budget version and that is why we have put together this list of our best budget 7 string guitars.

Lindo LDG-7 guitar

The Lindo LDG-7 is an amazing value seven string guitar.

First up on our list of the best budget 7 string guitars is the Lindo LDG-7.  Lindo are a great guitar company who strive to make budget guitars which are of a good quality.  The Lindo LDG-7 is a good example of what Lindo are trying to do.  This is a budget 7 string which comes in at a price that gives you the chance to try it out without breaking the bank.  The Lindo LDG-7 is the cheapest guitar on our list of best budget 7 string guitars coming in as it does at just under £160 through Amazon.

So what can you expect from the Lindo?

The Lindo LDG-7 is, as you would expect, a no frills 7 string guitar cut from the super strat mould.  Made from basswood the guitar has two humbuckers, a maple neck with rosewood fretboard and a Floyd Rose style locking tremolo.  The guitar looks good is well put together, plays well and doesn’t sound too bad.  The set-up needed a bit of attention and the locking tremolo is not the most stable but generally this is a reasonable guitar considering the price you are paying.  The only negative I would suggest is the Floyd Rose style locking tremolo which if you are overly eager with your whammy bar antics can de-tune the guitar quite easily.  That said this is not a bad instrument.

Read a full review and see the full spec of the Lindo LDG-7

Ibanez GRG7221-BKN seven string guitar

The Ibanez GRG7221-BKN is an excellent value and top quality seven string guitar.

The next guitar on our best budget 7 string guitars list is the Ibanez GRG7221.  Ibanez, along with Schecter, is perhaps the guitar company that can be best associated with the seven string guitar.  All the technical know how and history of developing 7 string guitars that Ibanez have should therefore be represented in this guitar.  The Ibanez GRG7221 represents the Ibanez budget 7 string but that does not mean that you lose any of the quality.  Once again this is a super strat style guitar which has a body made from poplar.  The 24 fret neck is made from maple and has a rosewood fretboard and is comfortable to play with easy access to the upper frets afforded by the deep double cut-aways.  There are two Ibanez PSND-7 humbuckers in the neck and bridge position giving this guitar a great sound.  The Ibanez GRG7221 has a fixed bridge so this is not the guitar if you like whammy bar pyrotechnics.  But I think that when you are getting used to seven strings the presence of a whammy bar can be a hindrance rather than a good thing.  In essence this is a great seven string guitar which has all the Ibanez quality and know how wrapped up in a guitar that costs just under £200 which represents excellent value.

Read a full review and see the full spec of the Ibanez GRG7221


If you are looking for a budget seven string guitar then the ESP LTD M-17 guitar could be for you!

The final guitar on our best budget 7 string guitars list is the ESP LTD M-17.  ESP are a great guitar company having made guitars for some of the greatest names in rock since 1975.  As with many of the big names in guitars ESP make both top end instruments and budget models for the beginner guitarist.  The ESP LTD M-17 represents the budget 7 string offering and is, like the Lindo and Ibanez, a solid super strat style 7 string guitar.  The ESP is made from basswood and has a 22 fret maple neck with a rosewood fretboard.  There are two ESP designed humbuckers and the bridge is a tune-o-matic string through body design.  The guitar is nicely put together and the neck, which has a modern thin U profile, is comfortable to play.  Once again this is not the guitar for you if you are looking for a bit of whammy bar action but as for the Ibanez I don’t think this is a bad thing.  All in all the ESP LTD M-17 is a great value 7 string guitar which gives you all the benefits of 7 strings at a very reasonable price.

Read a full review and see the full spec of the ESP LTD M-17

So that is our list of the best budget 7 string guitars.  If I was forced to make a choice I would probably go for the ESP LTD M-17 as it is a great guitar which plays well and sounds great too.  The Ibanez is a great guitar and it is a close choice between it and the ESP, I just liked the ESP a little bit more.  The Lindo represents excellent value for money but I am not a big fan of the tremolo which can de-tune the guitar.  It would be great if they introduced a fixed bridge version as an alternative.  However, if you want a tremolo then the Lindo is truly excellent value for money.



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