BBC Guitar Season – Top 100 guitar riffs

Top 100 guitar riffs

The BBCs Guitar Season Top 100 guitar riffs served up a few surprises.

I have just finished listening to the latest programme in the BBCs excellent guitar season.  The Top 100 guitar riffs on Radio 2 proved to be an interesting listen.  The Top 100 guitar riffs have been voted for by the great British public so they should be fairly representative of our guitar listening habits but there were a few surprises.  However, I have to say that I was perhaps not surprised that the number 1 guitar riff was Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin.  Surprised, no, disappointed yes most certainly.  I have to admit to not being the biggest Led Zeppelin fan so I am perhaps biased but is this really the riff that should sit at the top of the pile?  If you want to see what other riffs featured in the top 100 guitar riffs then follow the link below.

Top 100 guitar riffs

Now as I say I have to admit to being a little disappointed by the list.  I found myself thinking that the riffs that were featured were good but weren’t the best.  For example is I can’t get no (satisfaction) the best Rolling Stones riff?  What about Purple Haze is that the best Jimi Hendrix guitar riff?  Many of the riffs that featured on the list are classics, yes I don’t disagree, but are they the best?  No I think they are perhaps the most well known.

Anyway maybe you agree or disagree but the real reason for this post is not the Top 100 guitar riffs however thought provoking the list turned out to be.  No the actual reason for this post is what I found on the BBC website whilst listening to the Top 100 guitar riffs programme.  As part of the guitar season the BBC has teamed up with Justin Sandercoe to produce six great guitar lessons which I think many a novice guitarist will find very useful.

The six lessons cover the basics from tuning the guitar to basic chords, finger exercises to using a capo.  The lessons are clear concise and have all the accompanying chord diagrams to help you see what is going on.  If you are looking for some great free guitar lessons then these are absolutely great and well worth a look.

Radio 2s Guitar Pick-up Lessons

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