Artist Joe Fenton decorates Mark Tremonti’s PRS Guitar

Joe Fenton Guitar

The artwork on the Joe Fenton Guitar is truly astounding!

I am sure from time to time we have all considered embellishing our guitars with a little bit of artwork.  My friends Dad painted an Eagle on my first guitar.  Luckily he was a very accomplished artist and the Eagle looked absolutely amazing.  Other attempts of guitar body artwork have not proved so eye-catching!

However, when guitarist Mark Tremonti of Creed and Alter Bridge approached artist Joe Fenton and asked him to decorate his signature Paul Reed Smith guitar the result was something quite special.  The resulting guitar, dubbed the Joe Fenton guitar, is as striking as the guitar playing of Tremonti who will now be playing the guitar.

Check out the video below to see Joe Fenton in action and the result of all his hard work, the Joe Fenton guitar.

Joe Fenton is a British artist who works in monochrome using pencil, ink and acrylics.  His distinctive style has led to his work being displayed in galleries around the world.  However, this was his first ever guitar.

It took Fenton around 3 months to complete the commission, and you can see why.  The intricate design winds around the neck of the guitar as well as covering the body.

Tremonti had a significant input into the design of the artwork.  During the commission Tremonti and Fenton discussed how the guitar would look once the artwork was finished.  Heavily inspired by artworks such as “The Garden of Early Delights” by Hieronymus Bosch the artwork covers the perils of life’s temptations.

Fenton was sent the stripped down guitar by PRS and he then set to work on creating the design.  Once completed the guitar was shipped back to PRS where further protective coats of acrylic paint were applied before the guitar was completed.

The guitar, when finished, was presented to Tremonti who was performing with ALter Bridge at the Rock on the Range festival.  Tremonti then used the guitar live on stage performing the song “Addicted to Pain”.

We have to say the guitar looks absolutely amazing and in the hands of Mark Tremonti sounds even better.

To find out more about the artwork of Joe Fenton visit his website Joe Fenton Art.


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