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Aristides Instruments

With state of the art guitar design and production techniques Aristides Instruments can rightly claim to be at the forefront of guitar innovation.

If you want to take a look at the future of guitar design then you could do a lot worse than checking out Dutch guitar innovators Aristides Instruments. Their stated desire is to create innovative guitars with the ultimate performance in terms of resonance, sustain, clarity and articulation.  This all had to be combined into a state of the art instrument with amazing playability.  A tough design brief you might say!  More importantly, if you are looking for a guitar that is made from sustainable materials, Aristides Instruments are all made with no wood!

Great guitar design starts with great materials!

The Aristides story begins with the material that they use to construct their guitars – Arium.

Arium is a material created by Dutch scientists in the 90s. Working out of the Technical University of Delft the scientist’s desire was to create a material with perfect acoustic properties.  That is they wanted a material that gave better richer sustain with a warm resonance.  The scientists began by looking at the material that instruments are made from – wood.  They investigated the properties of numerous high quality acoustic woods identifying the cellular qualities which made them good at transmitting sound.  They eventually identified the perfect cellular structure which could be replicated in a man-made material and Arium was born.

Aristides Guitars have taken that material and combined it into a revolutionary one piece guitar. This has resulted in an instrument that delivers the ultimate in sound performance and exceptional playability.

However, the path to success is often long and this is true for Aristides Instruments. In 2007 Aristides first started work on the development of their first guitar.  The design brief was, to say the least, challenging.  They wanted to deliver perfect control of tone, incredible playability combined in an innovative design.  Throughout 2007 and 2008 they worked on their prototype guitars which resulted in the Aristides 010, 020 and the 050.  The prototypes were tested by a number of world class guitarists and their feedback was used to further refine the design of the guitar.  In 2009, with the help of Whitesnake guitarist Adrian Vandenberg the Aristides guitar was debuted at the Frankfurt MusikMess.

By the end of the year the 050 was in full production and Aristides were showing the guitar off to adoring fans at trade shows around the world. By 2012 Aristides had moved to larger production facilities in Haarlem in the Netherlands and released all 3 of the original prototypes.

Now Aristides have released their flagship model, the six string 060 and have added a seven (070) and 8 (080) string model to the range.

How are the Aristides guitars made?

Aristides Instruments

Aristides Instruments use state of the art production techniques to create its one piece guitars.

Every Aristides guitar is a one piece instrument which relies on creating an exoskeleton. The exoskeleton is an outer layer of different topcoats for sanding and construction and multiple layers of glass and carbon fibres creating a hollow body.  The Arium material is then injected into the exoskeleton to create a light weight guitar which has just the right stiffness to give great sustain with a warm resonance.  Combine this with the unique acoustic properties of Arium and you have a guitar which has, Aristides claim, the perfect tone.

The process of construction is complex but Aristides strives to ensure perfect consistency in every guitar that they build. Once the body has been approved the frets, hardware and electronics are added.  All guitars are checked for quality by Aristides master luthiers before being passed as being worthy of the Aristides name.  With a further nod to the high tech every Aristides guitar is micro-chipped which tracks all information about that instrument.

You can see an Aristides Instruments guitar in action in the video below.  The guitar in question is the 060 and it is played by the Dutch guitarist Timo Somers.

The attention to detail that goes into every Aristides Guitar is amazing. From the design to the construction and final quality control everything is geared up to create the perfect guitar – the guitarist’s guitar if you like.  Now every guitar manufacturer claims that as their aim.  But looking at the result and listening to the sound we think that Aristides Instruments may well have achieved that aim.

Every Aristides Instruments guitar is custom made to the guitarists own specification. To find out more visit the Aristides website.

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