Alexandr Misko – Russian Acoustic Maestro

Alexandr Misko

Alexandr Misko describes himself as an experimental progressive percussive fingerstyle guitarist! We describe him as a genius!!!

There are times, I am sure that you would agree, when you think that you have got playing the guitar cracked. You can hold a tune or two and even wack out a passable solo or two.  All in all you can be fairly chuffed with your progress.  But all that confidence is blown away when you see someone who truly is a genius on the guitar.  That genius is Alexandr Misko.  From the first moment you see the passion with which Alexandr Misko approaches his guitar playing you know that you are in for something special.  Trust me you really won’t be disappointed!

Who is Alexandr Misko?

Alexandr Misko is a Russian guitarist who describes himself, rather tongue in cheek, as an experimental, progressive, percussive, fingerstyle guitarist. What does that mean?  Well he uses his acoustic guitar to build layers that he blends together to create his music.  For example he uses the body of the acoustic guitar as the drum, the lower bass notes as the bass guitar and the higher notes as the melody.  He strings, pardon the pun, these uindividual elements together to create his music.  Now, if that all sounds a little bit complicated then you should see it being played live.  It is truly impressive the way Misko combines the elements fluidly to create his unique sound.  Don’t be fooled there are no loop pedals involved.

In terms of equipment Alexandr Misko uses a left handed custom Baton Rouge acoustic guitar fitted with K&K Sound pickups.

Misko, who is a linguistics student, has gathered a significant following on YouTube with over 330,000 subscribers and over 5 million views.  Following on from this success online he has started touring to promote his music and has released his latest album  “Beyond the Box”.  To give you a better idea of what Alexandr Misko is all about check out the video below.  In the video of his TedX talk he describes his technique and how he creates his unique sound. It also gives you an insight into his truly unique Russian humour!

To find out more about Alexandr Misko check out his YouTube channel.

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